Hiddenkal Youtube Movie/Video battle.

posted on 11 September 2014
Any creative youtubers around?

There will be a new challenge making a video with content of HiddenKal.

Rules :
Only use ingame HiddenKal sequences.
You can add effects and work with the recorded video from hiddenkal as much as u want.
Duration : Start : 11.09.2014 - 18.09.2014 4:00 gmt+1

Upload your video to youtube with the name "Hiddenkal KalOnline movie battle 2014 *YourCharname*" and send the link as private message on facebook. (https://www.facebook.com/pages/HiddenKal/256341321141150)

Prizes :

1. 5000 Coins
2. 2000 Coins
3. 1000 Coins

Your Hiddenkal Team.

Can't start the game??

posted on 02 August 2012
Hi everyone,
Do this.

1.Start the updater to get the newest patchfiles

2.You will get a file called "Hiddenkal FIX START IF U HAVE PROBLEMS.bat"
3.Start this file as Administrator
4. Login and play :)


Download links & Register.

posted on 02 August 2012

Hi everyone,
Downloadlinks :

Highspeed mirror #1

Highspeed mirror #2

Highspeed mirror #3

C++ package (if you have errors at game start)

Register :



Change password campaign!

Hi everyone,
Since poeple still getting hacked because of leaked databases from other servers,
The "Password change campaign" is taking place now.
If you change ur password in the next 48 hours you will be rewarded with 10 donation coins


PayPal is back!

posted on 02 August 2012

Hi everyone,
PayPal is aviable again for donations!


Lottery System

posted on 02 August 2012

Hi everyone,
UPDATE: Changes to the lottery system :

1. Fixed the bugs
2. Jackpot gets automaticly triggered now when the jackpot is over 3000 coins
3. Winner will be automaticly picked by the lottery too
4. Plese not your ticket numbers because they will get resetted after the jackpot is triggered
5. Its no problem if u dont note them, i will still know who won... its just for urself

Hope you like it.
We added the HiddenKal Lottery
Check it out ;)


Free coins?

posted on 26 July 2012

Hi everyone,
Check our free donation coins offers.
Click on Donate now and then on "Free coins" Enjoy


New homepage

posted on 18 July 2012

Hi everyone,
Just want to notify you that we installed a new homepage. I hope you like it


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